Impact of acoustic enrichment on ease of processing

  • Position identifier: ESR3
  • Host partner: UCL


A key objective of the ENRICH network is to better understand the effect of enriching the linguistic information in a degraded speech signal on its reception by listeners. This project will focus on the effect of acoustic enhancement on the cognitive load required for understanding speech. Experimental methods will include techniques for measuring the cognitive load of listeners using physiological and behavioural measurements and exploring how load varies as a function of speech material, type of degradation, type of enhancement and listener characteristics.

The ESR  will complete a project under the supervision of Prof. Paul Iverson and Prof. Mark Huckvale, with additional supervision from Prof. Martin Cooke (University of Basque Country, Spain).

The project will be carried out in collaboration with partners at the University of Basque Country (Spain), Radboud University (Netherlands) and industrial partner Sonova (Switzerland)