Scientific conduct

Friday 27th October 16.00-18.00

Our discussions and activities will align with The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (revised edition, 2017) and the UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research.

We’ll discuss case studies (to be provided on the day, not in advance) that raise some of the following important questions:

  • Publication
    • Deciding the authorship of a publication, who to include or exclude as an author, how to acknowledge the contributions of others, dealing with an uncooperative co-author
    • Confidentiality of peer review
    • Self-plagiarism
    • Data ownership
  • Acting ethically
    • Discovering misconduct by a colleague, possibly someone senior to you
    • Making changes after obtaining ethical approval
    • Using data collected by paid assistants
  • Communication
    • When your work is (mis)represented by others, perhaps in the media