Mon 23 Oct

15-19 Introduction to Python (tutor: Martin Cooke)

Tue 24 Oct

9-13 Python support for data science (tutor: Martin Cooke)
16-19 Noise and masking practical session (tutor: Martin Cooke)

Wed 25 Oct (Salón de Actos-ground floor)

10.13.30 Real-world speech perception: challenges, consequences and models
14.00 Lunch at Escuela de Hostelería (walking together from Micaela Portilla at 13.30)
16-19 ESR presentations session I (chair: Valerie Hazan)

Thu 26 Oct

9.30-13 ESR presentations session  II (chair: Yannis Stylianou, Salón de Actos-ground floor)
15-16.30 Business meeting (chair: Monica Loyo, Room 3.5, 3rd floor)
17-19 Individual joint supervisory meetings (Room 0.8, ground floor)

20.00 Meeting-point for dinner: Plaza Virgen Blanca
20.30 Dinner at Tulipán de Oro (calle Correría, 157  –Old Town)

Fri 27 Oct (Room 0.8, ground floor)

9-14: Experimental design and statistics (tutor: Anita Wagner)
16-18: Scientific conduct (coordinator: Simon King)

Workshop on Real-world speech perception: challenges, consequences and models

Scientific conduct

Some exercises to help us think about good scientific conduct, treating collaborators fairly, acting fairly and ethically, and so on.