Important information

  • It is suggested not to drink tap water in Heraklion. It is perfectly OK for washing, cooking, etc. but it is advised to drink only from bottles.
  • Lunch options for ESRs and seniors at UoC:
    • Bring already cooked food from your place
    • Have snack at university cafeteria (2′ walking distance) : sandwiches, beverages, pastry, etc (well-equipped cafeteria)
    • Have lunch at university restaurant @ Medical School (~5′ walking distance, right across CSD) : cheap option, only two options for main course during summer + salads
    • Delivery food (plenty of options)

  • Facilities during E4-E5 for ESRs and seniors at UoC:
    • Big fridge
    • Coffee machine
    • Microwave oven
    • Rooms to work (separate office for seniors)
    • Printers
    • Extra monitors (only if necessary)
    • Projector (one portable)
    • Loudspeakers and/or headphones (but limited amount)
  • Snack options during the whole day (for free, available at Speech Signal Processing Lab, room H304):
    • Coffee (two flavors) and tea (two flavors)
    • Cold and hot water from water device
    • Two types of biscuits (with and without chocolate)
    • Cups, cutlery, napkins
    • Nuts, honey, brown sugar, and milk (in portions)
    • Juices (bottled)

Checklist for ESRs

  • If you have eduroam at your home institution, set it up there, so that you can automatically connect to the WiFi in Crete (we’ll provide temporary access for anyone who doesn’t have eduroam)

Checklist for ENRICH seniors

  • Make sure your ESRs are aware of what they need to do!