Universidad del País Vasco

The research will take place in two closely-linked consolidated research groups: the Language and Speech Laboratory (LASLAB) and AHOLAB, each of which will host one ESR.

LASLAB is a multidisciplinary grouping of researchers formed in 2009 with interests in modelling human speech perception, the effect of noise on speech production, bilingualism and multilingualism, instructed foreign language acquisition and robust speech processing.

AHOLAB has, since 1992, conducted research on all areas in speech technology, with an emphasis on speech synthesis. It is the reference lab in the development of speech technologies and generation of resources for the Basque language.

Projects to be hosted

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment


  • large recording studio
  • artificial ear
  • sound level meter
  • audiometer
  • wired and wireless mikes
  • TDT A-D and signal processing unit
  • 8 loudspeaker array
  • networked speech perception testing booths


  • isolated recording chamber
  • high-quality microphones
  • audio interfaces
  • recording software
  • high-performance servers for heavy computation
  • a large variety of speech databases and corpora
  • various speech processing tools
  • multilingual Text-to-Speech system
  • multilingual online platform for remote speech recording