Tobii AB

Tobii AB (TOBII) is the world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye-tracking and eye control. TOBII’s technology enables a computer to unobtrusively tell exactly where a person is looking and thereby offering new and powerful ways to understand human behaviour. TOBII invests heavily in R&D and innovations within the field of eye tracking. The headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden where the R&D also takes place as well as a large portion of the production. TOBII collaborates closely with both the commercial and the academic community in eye-tracking research.

Project to be hosted

  • ESR14 Application of Speech & Sound Optimization Techniques for Real-World AAC Scenarios

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

  • assistive technology R&D
  • analysis training
  • R&D of gaze aware applications
  • client training and education
  • eye-tracking methodology R&D
  • the very latest eye-tracking technology and related equipment


Ralf Biedert