Universidad del País Vasco

LASLAB works on human speech & production, bilingualism & multilingualism, foreign language acquisition and robust speech processing. AHOLAB researches all areas of speech technology, especially speech synthesis.

The University of Edinburgh

The Centre for Speech Technology Research conducts research in speech recognition, synthesis, signal processing, and information access. It collaborates with researchers in speech science, language, cognition and machine learning.

University College London

Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences researches on first & second language acquisition, the neural basis of speech perception & production, hearing impairment, developmental disorders, and speaker variability.

University of Crete

The Speech Processing Group in the Computer Science Department has interests in speech analysis, modification and synthesis algorithms as well in audio and music signal processing.

Radboud University

The Speech Comprehension group researches processing of conversational speech by natives & non-natives, effects of ageing on language use, individual differences in speech perception & production, and computational modelling.

University Medical Center Groningen

dB SPL conducts multidisciplinary research on speech perception, its interactions with hearing impairment & ageing, perceptual & cognitive mechanisms of speech perception in normal & impaired hearing.

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© Stadt Oldenburg (Oldb)

Hörzentrum Oldenburg

The R&D department researches hearing aid & audiological equipment, future digital hearing aids, noise reduction, dynamic compression, binaural interaction, diagnostics, and implementation in hardware & software.

© Stadt Oldenburg
© Stadt Oldenburg (Oldb)

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology

Implements scientific findings on auditory perception of normal and impaired hearing in technological applications.